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ACEX News: Feel the Pulse of the Coronavirus


The situation in the logistics world is not easy, but ACEX continues to work normally, processing customer requests.

You Filled a Declaration, We Solve Your Problems


Remote release of goods today is carried out using the electronic Declaration system.

Transportation Marked URGENT


ACEX delivered pharmaceutical products to Moscow in the difficult conditions of the pandemic.

To the Largest Logistics Summit with ACEХ


ACEX Alliance and Container xChange platform invite freight forwarders to the online Digital Container Summit, which will be held on September 3, 2020.

Own Certificate to Each Cargo


To work a bit is not our way of business. Pests can move with grain. Plastic toys can be transported with harmful chemical substances inside.

Everybody freeze, this is a transportation!


ACEX Group has transported tons of weapons around the world, and this transportation is legal.

Special Cargo for a Special Place


ACEX specialists in Moscow managed to participate in a non-standard architectural project.

ACEX is Choosing Directions of Zhukovsky Airport


ACEX and the Zhukovsky International Airport signed an agreement on ground handling of cargo arriving and departing from this airport.

German Transportation at Delicious Russian Rates


ACEX Lithuania offers to come out of quarantine with a great mood and pleasant prices for truck delivery from Germany to Russia.

Why is the Export of Groupage Cargo more Popular than Air Freight?


Today, in logistics, the service for export transportation of groupage cargo by various modes of transport is becoming more popular

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