Natalya Vinokurova, STK-VIKOM

"When got acquainted with ACEX, at once it became clear that there no any solvable tasks simply exist . To us to a descent proposed various solutions for our different sendings, having chosen optimal and convenient way for everyone. Are always available to a detailed explanation, all documents accurately check. Fast and inexpensive delivery for us became now habitual. Recipients of our products in Germany before whom we had to justify myself for the broken terms and increase in the prices of delivery earlier ceased to play a trick now on "it is clear, in Russia it always the same" as now delivery always in exact terms and paperwork urgent. We want to praise our broker Margarita. We are very glad that got acquainted with such responsible and active team."

Elena Ciguleva, NT-HOLDING

"It's not first year for us when we working with ACEX. Everything is excellent! I'm very grateful to a team that work with us, especially to Alexander"

Inessa Perepelkina, BIMK-Cardio-Volga

"I face constantly export air transportation. I can estimate work of department only perfectly well. The flexible guys which capable to understand your position, do not fool excess pieces of paper. Rates on transportation are at the very good level. Almost always the best point rate or not more than 10% higher than the best. Extremely I advise."

Evgeniy Vinagradov, PLK Saturn

"We work for several years on delivery from China with air traffic of products. There is a wish to note professionalism of team and literacy on maintenance of freight at all stages of delivery. It would be desirable to wish that it was assisted clients in surcharge of missing customs payments with the subsequent their compensation at the organization of broker services."

Slutskiy Gennadiy, SPM Aero

"We use services of this company (import from the USA and Europe) more than 10 years. Complaints during all the time were practically not. Interaction with the sender and the recipient good. Also work well-coordinated on customs registration and delivery across Moscow."

Irina Koshkina, Vista Optical

"We work with you since 2009, from the day of the beginning of activity of our company. Excellent relations! We love your employees: Yulechka Zaytseva, Andrey Shvyryov, Zhenechek, customs applicants, drivers and all! Competent, clever and bright. Thanks!"

Viktor Balabanov, Kvarta Technologii

"My company uses more than 5 years complex services of ACEX in delivery and customs registration of computer freights from Europe. Never brought. ACEX works speed tremendous, all issues are resolved on the fly. I express gratitude to all ACEX group and, especially, those colleagues which work with us – to Aleksandra Chagina, Andrey Shvyryov. Many thanks from the Kvarta Technologii team."


"More than 4 years we cooperate with the company. During this time the company it is sure proved the highly professional status. To all transport transportations, both an avia, and a car, at employees of this company the responsible and conscientious attitude is noted. There were no facts of failures of the transportations, untimely giving of the car damaged or the lost freights. We recommend this company for any works connected with an avia and motor transportation cargo transportation."  

Transportnie Technologii

"More than 10 years our company closely cooperates with ACEX in the sphere of cargo delivery across Russia and the world. For years of joint activity employees of ACEX proved as the high professionals who are effectively coping with the tasks and works assigned to them. The company fulfills the obligations in full accordance with contractual conditions, at the high level, in due time and with high quality. The ACEX company is distinguished by such necessary qualities as organization, flexible approach, removal to individual requirements of the client, and it allows us to recommend the ACEX company as the reliable, qualified, stable and responsible business partners."  

Fedor Lysikov, Dreamland project

"We are grateful to the ACEX company for the help in delivery of objects for the park. Services were rendered at the high professional level. We wait for the visit in the park."

Alim Inalov, BAUTRADE 

"ACEX helps us to provide uninterrupted supply of raw materials from the different countries of Europe: Belgium, Spain, Germany. On readiness of raw materials at the producer in Europe experts of ACEX choose for us an optimum way of delivery, contact from our name with producers of raw materials and as fast as possible deliver raw materials to production. Further we manufacture panels and designs and we deliver on objects, thereby fulfilling national objectives of timely input of important infrastructure projects in work. We thank for cooperation!"