Cargo insurance

When organizing international and domestic transportation, ACEX offers its customers an extensive package of additional services that help make delivery as comfortable and safe as possible. One of them is insurance. Insurance is mandatory for certain categories of cargo, including dangerous goods. For others, such as valuable ones, it is highly desirable.

We cooperate with leading insurance companies and offer cargo insurance against various risks:

  • accidents caused by various causes (collision with another vehicle, animal, falling trees, stones, etc.);

  • natural disasters (strong wind, snowfall, lightning, rain, wildfires, etc.);

  • theft, robbery;

  • fraud, theft of the vehicle;

  • a variety of shipping damage;

  • loss or significant damage to the cargo due to problems with the reefer unit;

  • risks during loading and unloading operations, reloading and temporary storage;

  • loss or damage of cargo due to transport breakdown;

  • pirate or military actions, damage by bombs, mines, etc.;

  • other force majeure factors.

In addition to the cost of the cargo, insurance may cover losses incurred (loss of profit, disposal costs, etc.).


To select the optimal insurance rate, please provide our specialists with the following information:

  • type of cargo;

  • mode of transport (rail, road, sea, air);

  • cargo transportation route;

  • type of transportation (export, import, domestic);

  • desired amount of insurance coverage;

  • risks that the cargo is insured against.

We are always ready to advise you on the specifics of insurance for transportation by various modes of transport, foreign trade activities, and other issues.

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