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Most of the cargoes that are transported to international destinations by road, sea, rail and air transport belong to the General category. These are goods that are transported in boxes, bags, big bags, containers, as well as various piece loads. Very often they are delivered as part of consolidated shipments.

International logistics company ACEX provides a wide range of transport services, including General cargo transportation. We have more than 20 years of experience in organizing the delivery of goods by sea, by rail, by air and by road. We make cargo transportation under INCOTERMS conditions - from DDP to EXW. We have contracts with major sea lines, airlines, and container operators. Thanks to this, we provide a competitive level of rates, fast resolve any issues that arise during transportation.

In addition, ACEX has its own fleet, which consists of trucks with a load capacity from 1.5 to 22 tons and special vehicles (trawls, container ships, car carriers). If necessary, we can quickly attract the rolling stock of our partners-carriers with whom we have signed long-term contracts. 


Well-organized warehouse logistics is the most important thing in general cargo transportations. ACEX has 75,000 sq. m. of space for storing and processing goods in different world countries (Russia, China, the EU, etc.). Our warehouses are provided with modern equipment that allows to speed up and automate the cargo handling. We make a large number of operations within the warehouse logistics service, including:

  • delivery of products to the warehouse and shipment from the warehouse;

  • responsible storage in compliance with temperature and humidity conditions and other customer requirements, loading and unloading operations;

  • sorting, weighing, measuring;

  • order picking;

  • cross-docking;

  • packaging, repackaging, labeling, sealing;

  • reporting and other inventory management services;

  • registration of product and accompanying documentation.


The registration of an insurance policy for the General cargo transportation is one of the services provided by the international logistics company ACEX. It allows making the delivery of products as safe and comfortable as possible. For many goods, such as dangerous goods, insurance is mandatory. For other types of goods, the insurance policy is under client’s own volition. We cooperate with proven and reliable insurance companies and provide cargo insurance against any risks, including damage, theft, natural disasters and other force majeure. 


General cargo transportation rates depend on many factors. These include the delivery route, weight, dimensions, type of transport used, delivery basis, and the need for various additional services. To calculate the cost of cargo transportation, fill out the form on the website or contact our managers in any way convenient for you.

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