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The Costs for Transportation of Priceless Freight

Saint Petersburg, Russia - USA

ACEX Saint Petersburg and ACEX USA (MIG Express) organized the transportation of 2 meter statue made of the most valuable Brazilian wood from Saint Petersburg to the US.

“The transportation wasn’t difficult,” the head of ACEX Saint Petersburg Evgeniy Apasov says. “We prepared the documents for export and import and shipped the statue. The American document required to indicate the Latin name of the plant Caesalpina echinata, so apart from the transportation we learnt something from the ancient language”.

The export of works of art from the Russian Federation requires special authorization from Ministry of Culture. The procedure is not complicated but it is required by the customs.

How to execute the export of works of art

Upon the receiving of the authorization it is required to present the documents for the work of art and pass the fee paying state expertise that takes up to several hours. After the expertise you receive an authorization document for export.


If the reply is positive, the following documents shall be prepared:

  • Certificate for export of works of art from the territory of Russia that is executed in two copies. One copy for the applicant another is for the customs.
  • A notification that the exported work of art is not registered in the state record.


A state fee has to be paid before export of works of art. The amount of fee depends on the age of the work of art. If they were created less than 50 years ago , the fee is 5 percent of its price, if more than 50 years the fee is 10 percent. 

ACEX has a thorough experience of transportation of works of art among which there are transportation of valuable musical instruments such as  Stradivarius violin of 1713 at the cost of 1,5 million euro, Guarneri violin of 1867 at the cost of 1,4 million euro, Roger’s cello of 1696 at the cost of 500 thousand euro and other antique instruments, historic relics from Bulgaria (weapons and uniforms, trophies and ancient icons), 300 kilo sapphire from Russia to China and a lot of other cargo  that requires special attention and responsibility.  


The Pau Brasil is the tree that was used as red dye for fabrics. It is the tree that gave Brazil its name. The red wood is very heavy and solid and doesn’t dote and it was used as the first money. The Indians collected it and exchanged for jewelry, fabrics, leather and other things. The wood is still considered as one of the best materials for fabrication of bows and batons. 

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