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Russian Sportsmen Eat Fruit from Peru

Peru - Moscow, Russia

Foods from Peru that used to be unknown in our hemisphere will appear at the sports nutrition stores with the help of ACEX Moscow multimodal department experts in the form of high protein bars and extracts.

The customer that approached the Alliance member for import arrangement is a Russian company that decided to produce and distribute sports nutrition supplements made from Peruvian plants like quinoa, kiwicha and chia seeds. 

The route of the 20 ft container was from Peru to Vilnius through the Klaipeda port and from Vilnius it was trucked to Moscow.  

“The first peculiarity of the transportation was the fact that it was necessary to have a certificate of fumigation. To receive such certificate a doctor had to be present at the moment of customs inspection who would take specimen and fulfill other required formalities for the customs clearance of the freight,” Alexey Lipatov, head of the multimodal department says. “Chia seeds that are known to the limited number of consumers were not in the product classification that is why our customs clearance department experts refreshed their knowledge of biology and phytology and found the corresponding codes”. This experience once again proves that freight forwarders are broad-minded people who are able to study thoroughly any sphere.

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