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Russian Goods in German IKEA

Moscow, Russia - Germany

ACEX in Moscow works closely with the Russian exporters of products and consults its customers on the organization of export.

Company experts implemented a project of a pilot batch of ceramic pots transportation for one of its customers, a Russian manufacturer of ceramic products from Germany to Sweden. The consignee is IKEA.

“Two batches of pots 100 kilo each were shipped,” Evgeniy Rastopchin, Senior Expert of Business Development Department says. “We were responsible for the customs formalities and air transportation organization.”

In order to protect the fragile cargo, the pots were put in an unusual package. They were placed in a wood board boxes and covered with the construction foam to reduce the moving.

Russian pots were shipped from the Domodedovo airport to Germany and Sweden following a good old tradition of promoting export of the Russian brands by ACEX.

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