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Historic Treasures from Bulgaria Arrived to Red Square

Bulgaria - Moscow, Russia

ACEX Group has a thorough experience of import and export under the ATA Carnet, among various goods transported under ATA Carnet there are equipment, automobiles and tools; transportation of historic relics has also been experienced firsthand. However it was the first time when ACEX Group dealt with such ancient relics.

The exhibition features weapons and uniforms, awards of famous and unknown heroes, regimental banners, award-winning silver pipes, documents, maps, books, trophies, pictures of famous artists, crosses and icons found on the battlefields, as well as memorial items. Among them – the uniform of Emperor Alexander II and two icons presented to him in 1877 in Bulgaria, the uniform of Grand Duke Alexander Alexandrovich (future Emperor Alexander III) and his autograph, saber and personal belongings of General MD. Skobelev, Anninsky weapon “For Bravery” of Prince NS. Shcherbatov, who later became director of the Imperial Russian Historical Museum. 

The relics has been shipped from the Bulgarian city Pleven, the shipment was under the auspices of the President of Bulgaria, therefore experts from ACEX were in close contact with the representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow.

“The freight was packed in a box under several locks, together with the documents there was a bunch of keys for it, ” as Evgeniya Vidulina, ACEX Agency Network Coordinator says, “we have also received an illustrated catalogue of all exhibits, and Historical Museum gave us photographs approved by the Ministry of Culture.”

Among ACEX duties were import execution In Sheremetyevo airport and transportation to the museum, the customer was a Bulgarian company FLEXCARGO.

The exhibition called “For Our Friends” and it is dedicated to the unprecedented in sacrifice “for one’s own friend” in the Russian history. Russia had paid very high price for the liberation of Bulgaria, independence of Romania, Serbia and Montenegro. Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers are six feet under in Bulgaria. A large exhibition project prepared by the Historical Museum is devoted to this memorable date.

The exhibition will take place from May, 26 to September, 4, 2017 and anyone interested may immerse into the history and connect with historic relics by virtue of ACEX expertise.

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