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Hey, boy, bring us some vodka, we're flying to China!

It just so happened that almost no holiday is considered to be a real one without alcohol. For Russians, this is an integral feature on a festive table. But as it turned out, vodka is drunk not only in Russia, but in China as well. "Fire Water" is very popular there, which is quite justified.

At the end of January, ACEX received an order from a regular client - a large distillery - to deliver one and a half tons of premium vodka to Shanghai. During the process of transportation, the degree of stress was exactly the same as the degree of the delivered beverage.

Due to the New Year on the Eastern calendar, the work of the delivery of this freight has shifted, and only at the end of February the recipient confirmed his willingness to accept this cargo. What was the problem, which made to wait for a whole month?

A specific point is that the airport does not have a license to store alcoholic beverages. It means that the cargo, after being checked by the aviation security service, is immediately sent to the assembly for the flight, and the waiting time is very short. ACEX had to wait until the holidays are over, and everything will start working as usual. On the specified day, the freight was delivered to the airport and accepted for further loading on the flight. On the same day, the cargo departed from Moscow, and in the morning of the next day it arrived safely at Shanghai airport. Thanks to competence of ACEX specialists, the cargo was delivered, and the Chinese holidays can be continued.

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