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Cargo Traffic from Turkey Grows and so Does the Number of ACEX Customers

Turkey - Novorossiysk, Russia

ACEX in Novorossiysk received a high-profile customer after they won a tender for Castrol oil supply for the famous British Petroleum.

40 ft containers are shipped 3-4 times a week from the Port of Gemlik to Novorossiysk on regular basis. The container is not opened in Novorossiysk. Company specialists issue internal customs transit to Moscow region where the cargo is customs cleared at Alabinskiy customs post.

“Cargo traffic from Turkey has substantially increased since the customs’ office has loosened its grip”, Denis Bobrakov, business development director at ACEX Novorossiysk says. “The compulsory inspection has been cancelled and it affects the development of cargo traffic in a positive way”.

AIRON Logistics that represents Turkey with headquarters in Istanbul joined ACEX in June. “In the current favorable conditions a new member can be beneficial for both parties”, Denis Bobrakov says.

“Novorossiysk is favorably located for import and export from/to Turkey; there are a lot of requests for cargo transportation from Turkey to Russia nowadays.  AIRON is of great interest for import from Turkey to Russia”.

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