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Tallinn, Estonia - Osaka, Japan

The world-famous Japanese company CASIO has been producing watches since 1946. In 2020, ACEX specialists transported a batch of electronic devices weighing 192 kilograms from Tallinn (Estonia) to Osaka (Japan).

The shipment was ordered by Airot, which is engaged in wholesale and retail sales of jewelry, watches and their components. Airot is a member of the Estonian Association of gold and watches. It sends products of well-known world brands around the world.

Besides, ACEX in Estonia works directly with the Swiss watch brand Tissot, with the well-known white cross in a red square, which has already become a symbol of watch quality.

190 kg of watches of this brand with a 167-year history were transported by ACEX specialists from Zurich to Riga, and today they are waiting for their customers in the salons of the Latvian capital.

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