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Air Companies from Dubai Buy Helicopters from Russia

Germany, Italy - Moscow, Russia

Alliance members have a vast experience in means of transport delivery, for instance helicopters. ACEX Moscow imported Robinson helicopter aimed at personal use, ACEX Saint Petersburg shipped a simulation helicopter for an aviation school to Indonesia and ACEX Rostov organizes supply of spare parts for one of the Russian companies.  

This time the Alliance member ACEX Novorossiysk followed the tradition.

“There was a request to ship a used passenger helicopter of Russian origin KA 32 to Jebel Ali port for a Dubai air company,” Denis Bobrakov tells.

The route was from Krasnodar airport to Jebel Ali seaport through Novorossiysk. ACEX packed the containers in Krasnodar, delivered the helicopter to Novorossiysk and shipped it to Dubai. The transportation will take 20 days.

Three containers were shipped by ACEX Novorossiysk experts to Dubai in total. Two standard containers with spare parts (engines, blades, runners etc.) and one container Flat rack with the body of the helicopter.

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