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ACEX Santa Claus is delivering gifts!

Before the New year every child and adult dreams of a miracle, makes wishes and waits for gifts. For example, nowadays prefabricated models of famous tanks and aircraft are very popular. Almost every boy dreams about getting a gift of the legendary Russian tank T-14 Armata or a modern fight jet? Little children are happy to play "Prostokvashino" board game, and adults don’t mind playing "Mafia".

Дед Мороз АСЕХ доставляет подарки!
Дед Мороз АСЕХ доставляет подарки!

Дед Мороз ACEX All these and many other board games and prefabricated models are produced by the Russian company Zvezda. The company has been attracting people to modeling and board games in Russia for 30 years, and more recently abroad, in which it is assisted by ACEX, exporting goods to other countries. Since July 2019, ACEX has been cooperating with the game manufacturer.

Full trucks with prefabricated models and games are sent to Austria, where their distribution center is located, and then the goods are distributed around the world. Seven trucks of toys for the joy of children and adults were brought there by ACEX.

Citizens of North-East Asia can get acquainted with Russian models now. Recently, a distribution center was opened in China, where a whole container of games was brought with the help of ACEX.

Do you want to send a cargo of gifts for New year till the deadline? Call 8-800-777-2239 (free calling).

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