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ACEX Delivered Russian Mi-17 Helicopter Simulator to Indonesia

Saint Petersburg, Russia - Indonesia

The Russian-built and designed full-flight simulator was sent to the Aviation training center in Indonesia by the member of ACEX Alliance in Saint Petersburg.

The simulator enables to practice all flight modes, including emergency and incident situations, imitates failure of equipment and helicopter systems provided by the flight manual, and represents a high-tech equipment.

“We have been working on this project since August 2015, - comments Eugene Apasov, the Head of ACEX Saint Petersburg. – The delivery was very expensive and official, that is why the parties have agreed the specification for a long time, changed the contract conditions and obtained permits both for export from Russia (so called export control) and for import to Indonesia. After that the Indonesian party came to Russia for acceptance and launched one more stage of agreements.”

When the cargo was ready for dispatch it occurred that the building of the training center for this complex structure in Indonesia was not finished and there was no place for its storage upon arrival. That is why ACEX acquired ownership of the container in which the cargo was dispatched to the final recipient.     

The 40-foot container was loaded on the vessel in the port of Saint Petersburg in the end of October and it is expected for arrival in the port of Semarang (Indonesia) on December 3.

We wish all sails to the wind and kiss landing to the pilots!

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