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ACEX Deliver Abkhazian Wine to Thailand and Russian Sunflower Seeds to USA

Novorossiysk, Russia - USA, Thailand

In spite of decreased goods turnover between Russia and the USA, there are still some Russian products which are popular across the seas.

Who could ever think that the citizens of California, one of the most developed USA states, do not mind eating sunflower seeds.

44 tons of seed were delivered to Los-Angeles from Novorossiysk in two 40feet containers in May.  The cargo was sent by Maersk company and after 45 days it arrived at the Eastern shores of the continent.

While the Americans are walking along Venice Beach with the Russian sunflower seeds, the Thais enjoy tasty Abkhazian wine. 

Full 40feet container with wine was dispatched from Novorossiysk to Thailand. 

Last year before New Year’s holidays ACEX delivered 5 containers of vodka to Laos.  A new project was unusual.

“The factory in Abkhazia made export procedures on its own, - tells Denis Bobrakov, the commercial director. – The main feature was that the cargo was going as international transit to its destination”.

ACEX is specialized in grains and chick-pea export. Having own terminal, the company offers attractive rates.

ACEX in Novorossiysk will make customs clearance of any cargo with ease and deliver it to the recipient in due time. 

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