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ACEX at “Dream island” project

China - Russia

In 2020, the first in Russia and Europe's largest indoor theme park " Dream Island" will open in Moscow. ACEX helped such a large-scale project to ensure the transportation of amusement rides to Russia. This experience, in fact, has become a unique logistics offer in our country and now it can be taken into account in the practice of Russian companies. 

Логотип Остров мечты "Dream Island" promises to turn into one of the most ambitious and socially significant urban development projects of the capital of Russia in the coming year. It is expected that the cultural and entertainment cluster being created in Moscow will become one of the popular attractions of the Russian capital along with the Kremlin, Gorky Park and VDNH. In addition to the development of leisure culture, the project aims to improve the quality of the urban environment, increase the investment attractiveness of the city and create new jobs.

Thus, according to the estimates of holding company "Dream Island", the theme park will be able to visit up to 7.5 million guests a year, and the entire complex "Dream Island", including the landscape park and the city promenade, will be able to take up to 50 million visits.

Остров мечты

Алена БуроваAlena Burova, Press Service Head of HC "Dream Island": "the Project is implemented in the Nagatinskaya floodplain on the site of the abandoned park "60th Anniversary of October" on the territory of 100 hectares. The opening is scheduled for 2020. To implement the project, we have signed licensing agreements with major media holdings and animation companies: Sony Animation (Hotel Transylvania), IMPS (Smurfs), Viacom (Ninja Turtles), Sanrio GmbH (Hello Kitty)."

“Dream Island” in figures

“Dream Island” in figures 

At the stage of implementation, the creation of eight thematic fairy-tale worlds, a city promenade and a landscape park could not do without a serious transport component. ACEX specialists, who took a direct part in the logistics of attractions, helped to ensure this work.

Липатов АлексейAlexey Lipatov, Multimodal Department Head of ACEX Group: "ACEX has provided the entire block of international logistics services. For the project we brought to Russia attractions, animatronics, artificial trees. The main challenge for us was the size of the objects. For example, the attraction " Fire Temple" has dimensions of 22 meters x 9 meters, weighs 80 tons. Such a large cargo we took for storage in a warehouse in Lobnya. Also, with the help of 40-foot containers artificial trees were delivered, the height of each tree is 10-12 meters. Thanks to the partner for trust, we got interesting experience on the project".

Остров мечты
Остров мечты

ACEX also carried out customs clearance of all attractions, spare parts for them, advised on how to properly issue the accompanying documents, helped to ensure that all goods crossed the Russian border and reached the place of the park construction without incident. For example, a dinosaur animatronic delivered by railway containers from China was imported to the park: each animatronic consists of 28 sections, including metal structures that need to be declared separately at the Russian customs."

Остров мечты
Остров мечты

Остров мечты

On the scale of our country, "Dream Island" has become not only a unique entertainment product, but also showed all the possibilities of Russian business to work in such projects. In many ways, this work has been successful due to the range expansion of logistics services, in relation to the tasks and conditions of the theme parks.

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