Battle of Transport Corridors


Logistics market players are learning to build transport corridors. Today, alternative transportation schemes are being observed, bypassing countries in which the situation is aggravated. The profitability of such corridors and their work were discussed on the RBC show.

One of the largest projects for the development of transport corridors is the North-South. The most important hub in the North-South transport corridor is Kyrgyzstan, which has not yet decided to build a railway to Uzbekistan. In this regard, the route is currently operating only in car mode.

Мирослав Золотарев "Capacity of the North-South corridor is not so great – about 2.5 million tons of cargo have passed along the route. This is about 1% of the volume of the Azov-Black Sea basin," comments Miroslav Zolotarev, Head of ACEX Group.

As for the profitability of this project, it is like an auxiliary corridor. It is aimed at regional trade - between Russia and Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan, or on the eastern branch through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. According to the speaker, as for the corridor to India, questions arise about its expediency.

Recently, the logistics forum "One Belt, One Road" has started in Beijing. As results of the forum everyone is waiting for new proposals, solutions and concrete actions.

"Russia can participate in various projects aimed at developing international transport corridors, but for the most part it needs to focus on its infrastructure projects: the Trans-Siberian Railway, the construction of highways, the expansion of railways, the construction of new terminals, attention to the Far East (to avoid port congestion)," said Miroslav Zolotarev.

ACEX Alliance is also holding an international logistics conference in Turkey. Turkey is also a major partner of Russia and a major logistics hub.

For Russia today, China and Turkey are the two main hubs through which all cargo flows pass.

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