Disconnecting from SITA will not Land Russian Planes


The information transmission system between air carriers and airports is provided by the Swiss company Societe Internationale de Telecommunication Aeronautiques. It promised to disconnect Russia from the system at the end of September 2023.

Disconnecting Russia from the information transmission system between air carriers and SITA airports does not imply the cancellation of flights and the need to change routes, Irina Muryleva, Deputy Executive Director for Aviation Transportation at ACEX, commented to Logirus.

Отключение от SITA

– The Federal Air Transport Agency has already announced the readiness of an alternative Russian–made product, - Irina noted. – But you need to understand that the introduction of new programs or systems is always a time–consuming process that requires time. At first, it may be a difficult period for airports, but I think our technologies are no worse than foreign ones.

However, even if not all airlines and countries connect to the new Russian-made product, this will only lead to the fact that the data will have to be processed in "manual mode" instead of automatic, the speaker added. This will not lead to a stop of flights.

The press service of Sheremetyevo Airport reported that the air harbor has fully prepared its infrastructure for working with foreign airlines and has organized its own direct communication channels with them.