ACEX Members Delivered Subaru with Ceramic Tile


ACEX in Moscow and in Novorossiysk can cope with any cargo put into container.

ACEX members in Moscow and Novorossiysk proved this fact once again. The cargo was placed into two containers. It was loaded in Lobnya and Noginsk and then the vehicle with two containers was sent in the direction of Novorossiysk.

Denis Bobrakov “The nature of cargo was not a concern for us. The most difficult for us was to organize transportation of two different cargo on one vehicle from Moscow to Novorossiysk, - shares his impressions Denis Bobrakov, the Commercial Director, ACEX in Novorossiysk.And then to send them to two different destinations – to Dubai and Japan.”

One of the containers housed Subaru Outback which was imported in Russia for the purpose of testing the SUBARU EyeSight system (adaptive cruise control).

Alexei Liptov“The car was subject to testing on the Russian roads in different climatic conditions, - tells Aleksey Lipatov, the Head of Multimodal Department, ACEX in Moscow. And now we had to proceed re-export and return the car to the manufacturer.” 

Subaru underwent the procedure of customs clearance in Lobnya and was loaded into the container for the dispatch to the port of Novorossiysk. Simultaneously, one more cargo was prepared for dispatch from Noginsk to Novorossiysk together with the Japan car. The ceramic tile weighting 10607 kg was placed into the second container.

On May 7 both containers were loaded at the vessel and each of them was sent to its destination: the tile to the UAE, and Subaru – to Japan.