ACEX Celebrated Its Birthday at Carting and Participated in Team-Building


One more birthday of ACEX Group was celebrated by the company specialists on June 4.

Traditionally ACEX birthday is celebrated in April. This year the event took place on the first warm summer days because of preparation for Transport Logistic in Munich, where ACEX presented the Russian logistics booth.

The guests were offered an interesting program: quest for teambuilding and carting.

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The participants solved logical problems and puzzles, catapulted, rescued animals from flood, and participated in teambuilding. The final task was to search treasure and, of course, ACEX team found it. It was a corporate cake with edible photo of the participants.  

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The next stage of the sports and extreme weekend was a competition on carts on one kilometer track. According to the results of 6 laps each lasting 10 minutes the organizers announced the winners and awarded them with medals under the champagne spray.   

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ACEX has already conducted several joint sports events, among which were volleyball, bowling, marathon, and even climbing the highest peaks of the world. We invite our colleagues and partners to join our future initiatives!

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