Russian-Made Wallpapers were Considered Work of Art in UAE


The Russian producer of exclusive hand-made wall coverings allowing designing any interior in the shortest time is well known far beyond our country. Three rolls of wall paintings on non-woven base covered with plaster with printed drawing and protective varnish were required to be delivered  to Beirut.


The transportation was ordered by Aramex, the agent of ACEX in the United Arab Emirates.  ACEX specialists were responsible for delivery from the manufacturer to the airport and for loading on the Emirates flight. Евгения Видулина

We had been coordinating the documents for several days. And on the day when the cargo had to be dispatched the colleagues from Aramex informed that we had to indicate the name of the painting, date of creation and its author, - tells Evgeniya Vidulina, ACEX agency network coordinator. - They were embarrassed by the words fresco and plaster and were going to attract their special department specialized in the work of art.” 

ACEX specialists managed to convince the receiving party that the cargo is just the wallpapers. The inspection was not required and the cargo arrived at destination.

The producer of the designer wallpapers is an individual entrepreneur. It is an excellent example how a non-standard idea permits to establish a successful small business and and obtain clients all over the world.