Groupage cargo transportation. 2 years later. What has been changed during the pandemic


ACEX is gathering experts in terms of consolidated goods again at the TransRussia-2021 exhibition in order to discuss the current state of Consolidated Transportation. The First Russian International Logistics Alliance is the organizer of the lecture hall “GROUPAGE CARGO TRANSPORTATION. 2 YEARS LATER. WHAT HAS BEEN CHANGED DURING THE PANDEMIC".


In 2019, within the framework of the TransRussia exhibition, ACEX organized the project session " GROUPAGE CARGO TRANSPORTATION ", in which representatives of FESCO, ACEX, MAResearch, NAWINIA, Free Lines Company, Trasko, Russian Railways-FELB, FFCargoServices, PEK and Sheremetyevo-Cargo revealed all the nuances, talked about all the pitfalls and problematic points in this type of transportation.

This year, after the coronavirus pandemic excited the whole world in general, and logistics in particular, ACEX decided to continue the "tradition" and talk about what kind of changes occurred in "Consolidated" transportation during this difficult time.


The TransRussia-2021 exhibition will be held on April 12-14, 2021 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC, pavilion 1.

Miroslav Zolotarev, Chairman of the Board of the ACEX Alliance, Head of the Multimodal Logistics Center of the Russian-Chinese Chamber, member of the International Cooperation Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, a member of the Logistics Subcommittee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will act as the moderator of the event, within which the following issues in the transportation will be considered:

  • Consolidated goods’ market: trends and prospects
    Simonova Ludmila, managing partner of the research agency M.A. Research, Member of the Board of the Guild of Logistics Operators
  • Advantages and problems of transportation of consolidated goods from Southeast Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan) to the Russian Federation through the Far East
    Alexander Pyankov, 3PL Director FESCO
  • Practical advice from ACEX Group
    Alexey Lipatov, Head of Multimodal Transportation Department, ACEX
  • Speed, quality, price - choose any three. Groupage logistics trends
    Alexander Galkin, commercial director of NAWINIA
  • International cargo transportation: the consequences of the pandemic and the vector of development
    Alexey Nadzhar, CEO of Free Lines Company
  • Authorized economic operator. The nuances of working with the transportation of groupage cargo
    Alexey Chernyshev, commercial director of AKFA


The lecture will be useful both for forwarders and logistics operators, as well as for cargo owners.

A free participant ticket is available on the official website of TransRussia-2021 using the ACEX promo code.

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