Smart calculator without cheating


We are pleased to announce the ''birth'' of a new payable weight calculator for air transportation on our website. Now you don't have to wait with your fingers crossed how "precious" your cargo shipment will be.

Most likely you are accustomed to the fact that when ordering the cargo shipment, you expect one price, but at the end there is completely another total price in front of you ... how does it happen? ⠀


The thing is that we often have to pay for transportation according to the volume that the cargo occupies in space, although if the actual weight is bigger than the volumetric weight, the cost will be calculated based on it. So it turns out that we are not paying for the actual weight - we are paying for the total volumetric weight of the cargo "What shall we do then?" - you will ask. ⠀

There is a way out! We shall go to our website and use a convenient and informative form that you can fill in for several seconds. And .... voila! Now you know the exact price per your cargo shipment! ⠀

We are happy to make your life easier.

You are already welcome to try this new function on our website.