Excavator Loading into Container Lasted 7 Days


ACEX Estonia delivers not only new construction equipment but also used machines.

In the end of previous year ACEX Estonia started to carry out a non-standard project on transportation of used excavator from Tallinn to Pakistan. ACEX specialists provided the client with an empty container which was delivered by means of special loader with a side traversing mast.   


_IMA9923.jpgThe loading was carried out by the client and lasted for 7 days. It was necessary to dismantle the machine, pour out all liquids and put carefully all details into the provided container. Since the client dealt with the crawler excavator for the first time, it took more time than it was planned initially to disassemble the equipment.

“The most difficult stage in this transportation was to find a sea line which could provide a container for loading used equipment, - comments Alexander Kovalev, Customer Manager, ACEX Estonia. – In the end we managed to come to an agreement with CMA, and the rest ones were worried for container safety.

ACEX Estonia prepared export declaration and delivered cargo to the port of Qasim.

The container spent a little more than a month on the way and was delivered to a destination point in the beginning of February.