ACEX Knows how to Equip Galley on Vessel


Electric cooker, fryer, steamer, gravity slicer, refrigerant table, vegetable cutter, food cooking pot, electric water heater produced by Electrolux is an incomplete list of products demanded on the ship galley. CARGO EXPRESS (the member of ACEX) multimodal department delivered such equipment from Sweden to Russia. The equipment is produced under the client’s order. It is a specialized product which cannot be purchased in the shop.

The batch volume was equal to 7 tons, 34 places. Sergey Gotsak, the Expert of Multimodal Department in Lobnya, tells about huge preparatory work: “At first we planned to stack the cargo in the truck (120 sq.m.) but then we decided not to risk and loaded it into 2 vehicles (small and euro trucks). As the cargo consisted of a large number of items we had to load it compactly. Special loading plans were developed for this purpose.”


The specialists of CARGO EXPRESS made a list of all items from each box jointly with the client. Such list was prepared for each truck and consisted data with net weight, gross weight and cost of each CN code.

Customs department also carried out a great deal of work. Specialists had to choose codes for each item. “While choosing CN code of boilers we learned that this code required obtaining an expensive certificate of State registration, preparation of which takes much time, - comments Andrey Shvyrev, the Head of Customs Department. –The specialists managed to choose another CN code for this product, so the certificate had not been required anymore.”

Thanks to preparatory work carried out before transportation the delivery of the cargo was implemented without problems.