Miroslav Zolotarev on the cover of the “Human resources” magazine


“Just as a jockey will not reach finish line without a horse so nobody needs a top-manager without a company”. Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of ACEX Group, shared his opinion with the “Human resources” magazine about who can become a successful general director.  

  • Why do the lawyers and chief accountants rarely become general directors of big companies?
  • The higher the position is, the bigger the scope of business is, and the heavier the responsibility is – who will enter into the top division?  
  • How to understand if the top-manager, which used to be successful, will succeed further?  
  • Which connections prevent and which help to develop talent of the top-manager?
  • What should you do so that the fortune would smile upon you?

Miroslav Zolotarev answered these and other questions in the rubric “Discussion with top manager”. He shared examples from his professional experience, life history, as well as gave advice how to become a successful General Director of a big company.

Read full article in the magazine “Human resources” №38, 2015 and on the site

On November 26 Miroslav Zolotarev will meet the subscribers of the magazine on the topic “Struggle with middle-management burnout” at the hotel Savoy where he will tell about the company competence and own experience.