The biggest sapphire, weighting 300 kg, was sent by ACEX Group


The cargo is the crystal of artificial sapphire grown under proprietary technology of the producer. It is one of the biggest artificial crystals weighting 300 kg.   

The sapphire is highly resistant to mechanical and thermal effect, as well as to ultraviolet and infrared radiation what enables to produce scanner windows, lenses for optical instruments, etc. The sapphire is so unique that it can be used as optical material. It has excellent light transmittance and it is the second hardest material on the planet. It cannot be scratched by anything but a diamond. It means that the protective coating of the sapphire will be eternal unless you scratch it using the diamond ring.   

Artificial sapphires are widely used for production of the base for light emitting diodes and microchips, as well as smartphones and tablet computers.    

Their production started over a hundred years ago in Switzerland and at first they were used for production of the Swiss watches. With the electronics development it became clear that this material is unique and has a lot of fields of application.

The crystal was packed into an iron safe-box in order to be protect while transportation. The delivery was executed by the direct flight of Aeroflot as we were limited in time and had to do everything very fast.  The customs department coped with the task perfectly.

The cargo was delivered to the destination airport at due time and at present it decorates the exhibition in Shanghai.