ACEX news

Tanks are not afraid of the cargo


Eduard Kasnapuu provides expert interview with the magazine RZD-partner about transportation in tank containers

Project cargoes: simply about complicated issues


Vitaly Апаликов, Head of oversized and project cargoes ACEX Group, gave an interview to the business magazine Container business

ACEX Group presents opening of the First Russian worldwide logistics Alliance


The presentation of ACEX Alliance will be held on the 13 February at the XVII Moscow International Logistics Forum (MMFL-2014).

"Black gold" of Kazakhstan is now under control


Modern technological equipment specially designed for the control and exploitation of oil and gas is delivered to the major oil-producing regions of Kazakhstan.

New sport equipment has been revealed in Almaty


Reebok Crossfit Brute Force together with ACEX take care of Almatians’ health and mood

The athletes will feel themselves warm and comfortably in the Olympic Games mountains in Sochi


The modernized climatic equipment was delivered specially for transport of the Sochi Olympic Games 2014.

ACEX Group specialists take part in the development of a logistician profession standard


Head of ACEX Group Department at Domodedovo Airport Vitaly Androsov took part in the state program of the Ministry of Labour

ACEX Group delivers Russian lasers all over the world


Well-known Russian lasers of the largest manufacturer of gas-discharge equipment are delivered to 36 countries of the world.

ACEX arranged delivery of a new drug against viruses and allergy from Japan


Japanese invisible respirators will protect Russians from allergy, flu and ARD

ACEX Group creates visible benefits for visually impaired clients


Large lot of optical glasses and frames for Russian retirees, sportsmen, fishers and drivers is delivered by Cargo Express Company, member of ACEX Group

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