ACEX news

Life Responsibility Load Laid down on the Shoulders of ACEX


Transportation of rare animals listed in the Red Book, was successful

Foreign Forwarders are Coming to Moscow to Study the Peculiarities of Russian Logistics


The first Russian logistics Alliance ACEX was presented at the Worldwide Cargo Marketing conference in Hong Kong.

Head of ACEX Group multimodal transport department Aleksey Lipatov gave an interview to the magazine "RZD-Partner"


Company expert told about the modernization and updaiting of freight vehicle fleet

Transport mass media gives comments on creation of a logistics alliance ACEX


Head of the Alliance Miroslav Zolotarev told Publishing Company "Gudok" about purposes and structure of the Associated Cargo Experts alliance

Partnerships and alliances are the future of small and medium businesses development


The idea of creating of the logistics companies' Alliance was supported on the International Conference "Trans Russia 2014"

Participation in the II Eurasian Conference «Logistics in Russia: cooperation and technologies of development»


Congress of leading Russian logistics companies with participation of international guests, experts and the Ministry of Transport took place in the Russian Chamber of Commerce.

ACEX delivers national arts around the world


ACEX specialists shipped a ton of russian matryoshkas abroad

Foreign forwarders are interested in the Russian Transport Alliance


Representatives of 30 foreign independent companies, members of the international air freight forwarders association, are ready to come to Russia in September to visit the first ACEX Alliance conference

TRANSRUSSIA-What changes are waiting for russian logistics in 2014-2015?


On the 23rd of April Miroslav Zolotarev will speak about that changes at the International Conference on Transport and Logistics TransRussia 2014

Famous fast food network becomes faster


ACEX experts deliver to Russia special devices for making the orders faster in the fast food restaurants.

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