Our specialists arranged the delivery during an excursion to the Hermitage


True logistics specialists can arrange the delivery even during an excursion to the Hermitage museum. The executives of CARGO EXPRESS (member of ACEX Group) and Ingstad&Co (partner from Lithuania) confirmed their high capacity. Thus, despite the New Year holidays which are non-working days for all the Russians, absence from the work place and, moreover, travelling in Saint-Petersburg of the air freight department manager in charge of this shipment – accurate coordination of 4 cargoes delivery from Europe to China was complete. Literally saying the delivery was carried out from the Hermitage museum.


"I had to forget for some time about my holidays, because the shipper failed to release the goods in due time and the consignments reached the warehouses not in the end of December as it was initially planned, but only in the beginning of January. As a result, our colleagues in Lithuania (Ingstad & Co.) were responsible not only for consolidating the consignments at their warehouse, but also to arrange the delivery within the shortest possible period of time, - shares the details Mikhail Gavrilin, the Air Freight Department expert of CARGO EXPRESS (member of ACEX Group).

Michail Gavrilin In spite of the holidays, all the parties got actively involved in the process. Besides the need of minimizing the transit time, we realized that the shipper confused the warehouses where the cargoes should have been supplied. We had to pick up the cargoes from different places what required “manual” control on the handling. For several days, whatever the part of the day was, I stayed in contact with the client and the Lithuanian partner. So I had to discuss the pick up matters with the partners and the client from the Hermitage museum directly”.

Thanks to the mutual “brain storming” and concerted teamwork of the Russian and Lithuanian colleagues, the electrical machinery was delivered to the consignee in Hong Kong without any delay and Mikhail Gavrilin managed not only to work during the holidays, but to visit also the Hermitage, the Peter-and-Paul Fortress, the Museum of Urban Electrotransport of the St. Petersburg and enjoyed the view of burning torches at the Rostral columns what can be seen only on key holidays.