You Filled a Declaration, We Solve Your Problems


Remote release of goods today is carried out using the electronic Declaration system. In order to receive your import cargo or send goods for export without leaving the office, the company can use one of two options:

  • Contact the customs department of the forwarding company
    This option frees the cargo owner from the "headache" during registration and remote release, but it requires additional costs for the work of the customs company.  
  • Independently participate in all necessary cargo release procedures
    With this scheme of work, the client does not incur additional costs, but, at the same time, may face a large number of questions in the process of remote release of goods.

ACEX offers the third way of working: the shipping company submits the declaration remotely to the electronic declaration center, and ACEX takes care of all other issues related to the release of goods.

  • send scans of all transport documents for submission of declaration for goods;
  • take and give the documents and cargo to the customs warehouse;
  • conduct inspection of the cargo;
  • make loading and unloading in the car after the cargo is released.

In this way, the shipper not only saves money, but also time spent on remote release procedures.