About main achievements of last year and plans for 2016


Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of ACEX Group, told about main achievements of the last year and plans for 2016 for the transport portal “Logirus”.

  • What success did the company achieve in 2105? What difficulties did you face?
  • Which tasks did you fail to realize and why?
  • Tell about plans for 2016. Will the company face global changes or business modernization?

Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of ACEX Alliance, and top-managers of other transport companies answered these questions for the transport portal “Logirus”. 

“In the expiring year we have increased our turnover, attracted over 200 new clients, participated in the exhibition “TransRussia”, organized conference of the alliance, took part in several international events”, informs Miroslav Zolotarev

"We did not have a goal to stay afloat; out task was to strengthen our position on the market and enter into 2016 more ready for any changes. Time will show if we managed to do this. But we are not inclined to talk about the crisis or difficulties; it is the problem of weak companies. Now we discuss what the strong companies are able to achieve. 

Our main strategy for 2016 is to widen and strengthen the competence of the company and its employees that enable to have both feet on the floor and introduce new products and services. Our strategy is the intellectual capital. And the capital is the basis for the business.

In recent times many companies had to build new routes and chains and break with contacts which have been settled for many years. That is why we would like to wish the colleagues to be flexible and to be ready for any challenges." 


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