ACEX news

6000 tons of pipe equipment have been delivered to natural gas field "Aksaraiskiy"


An international project delivery for the largest natural gas field had been carrying out simultaneously from three countries by sea, rail and road transport.

ACEX – Official Customs Broker for “TRANSRUSSIA” Exhibition


in this capacity ACEX Group would be presented on the main logistics exhibition in Eastern Europe – TransRussia 2012.

ACEX Group registered a new office in Estonia


A new representative office in Tallinn expands the boundaries of ACEX presence in the Baltic region.

A new ACEX branch was established in the capital of Ukraine


One more ACEX filial, located in the biggest and strategically important for the network development CIS region – the city of Kiev has been registered in October.

ACEX Group presentation at international WFA Conference in Australia


Top managers of the company made a presentation on ACEX Group opportunities at the annual international transport alliance meeting in Sydney.

Delivery of 36 containers for the Avantex company, leader of the Russian geotextile materials


In September ACEX Group successfully arranged delivery of two production lines with weight equaling to 300 tons from the sea port of Shanghai to the consignee’s warehouse located in the Vladimir region.

Multimodal transportation of oversized equipment is made of ACEX Group


Company ACEX organized multimodal transport 36-ton hydraulic machine for "Pipeline Systems and Technologies" from the port of Shanghai - the port of St. Petersburg - Lobnya - Shchelkovo.

Representative office ACEX Group now is in Kazakhstan


The company ACEX Kazakhstan is registered in May, 2011 in the regional center of Central Asia – Almaty. The new office becomes a link and important transit point between Europe and Asia.

Company ACEX starts a new international web site


The new site of corporation ACEX Group linked up experience of two leaders in transport logistics in Russia and Baltic, starts in November.

ACEX - a new global project on the international logistics market


ACEX, the new joint international project enters the market of global transport logistics since June, 2010.

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