ACEX news

ACEX Delivery Project will Help Resuscitation Patients


12 tons of resuscitation beds for the Irkutsk regional hospital were delivered by CARGO EXPRESS (member of ACEX).

ACEX (Novorossiysk) Sent 5 Containers with Vodka to Laos


Five containers with vodka and small glasses as a present traveled from Ulyanovsk to Laos via Spain.

ACEX Group Delivered Mi-17 Helicopter Simulator to Indonesia


The Russian full-flight simulator was sent to the Aviation training center in Indonesia by ACEX (Saint Petersburg).

Russian 3D Atraction Took Part in Exhibition in USA


CARGO-EXPRESS, member of ACEX Group, and MIG Express, USA, accomplished the project on transportation of the Russian 3D attraction.

ACEX Group Handled Diplomatic Cargo for one of the Embassies in Moscow


"The property of the country N" is successfully delivered to the Consular department of the Embassy in Moscow by ACEX Group

Boeing Engines Flew on their Own for Maintenance


ACEX Group delivered oversized cargo consisting of two Boeing engines from Moscow to Amsterdam by road.

ACEX Group Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Tundra


Medical equipment was delivered to Salekhard by ACEX Group in aid of anthrax victims.

ACEX Group Wins in the Airfreight Nomination “The Biggest tonnage”


CARGO EXPRESS (member of ACEX Group) was awarded with a Golden disk in the airfreight nomination “The biggest tonnage” at the tenth anniversary of “FF Cargo Service.

The biggest sapphire, weighting 300 kg, was sent by ACEX Group


The crystal of artificial sapphire, grown under proprietary technology of the producer, is one of the biggest crystals in the world.

ACEX Group won the “TOP agent of Emirates” prize for the fifth time.


ACEX Group (CARGO EXPRESS) was nominated the best agent of Emirates following the results of 2014-2015.

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