Own Certificate to Each Cargo


To work a bit is not our way of business. Pests can move with grain. Plastic toys can be transported with harmful chemical substances inside.

Каждому грузу – свой сертификат

Certificates can help, confirming match up with standards. Each group of goods has its type of document. Such documents are regulated by Ministry acts, “Products and Services Certification” law and Russian Federation Government Decision No.1013.

Let’s start with Veterinary Certificate. One pig infected by swine fever can contaminate all the flock. The result is unfortunate. That’s why Veterinary Certificate is required during transportation to carry about furry, avian and scaly. By the way such certificate is not necessary for goods of animal origin and raw materials. The document confirms the safety of cargo and place of its discharge from animal viruses. Certificate forms are numerated automatically and are subject to strict report. Certificate number consists of 8 numerals: first two – the serial number of subject, further – city code, the rest - serial number of the document.

Own Certificate to Each Cargo

Мария Москвичева“We have transported animals for Brno (Czech Republic), Rostov and Vladivostok zoos, for “Live nature of prairie” association. During transportation processing we warn that Veterinary Certificates are required, - tells Maria Moskvicheva, the Director of ACEX Rostov. – Thus, several tigers, hippo, roes and monkeys obtained new home with our help. We have a great experience in this field, that’s why our specialists can advise about peculiarities of such transportation.”

Phytosanitary Certificate is issued by quarantine and plant protection authorities of exporting countries. It guarantees the absence of contamination for animal and plant origin goods. It’s important to remember of its expiration date. The consignment with issued veterinary certificate must cross the border within 14 days during export to EU countries and within 30 days to other countries. Failure to meet the deadline can result in reissuing the documents.

State Registration Certificate – official document confirming correspondence to sanitary and hygienic regulations of Eurasian Economic Union countries.

It replaced sanitary epidemiological expertise in 2010. Perfumery (with some exception), household goods, paints, mastic, varnishes, oral health means, most of goods for toddlers require issuing of such certificate. The issuing procedure has several stages, analysis of documents and tests by independent laboratories are among them.

Каждому грузу – свой сертификат

Conformity Certificate is issued by competed authority after tests. That’s why it is also called test report. Tests show the correspondence to definite quality and safety requirements. The legislation experienced some changes in issuing of Conformity Certificate for some part of market participants at the beginning of the year.

Андрей Швырев“The forms of certificates changed beginning from the 1st of January. New form corresponding to technical regulations is confirmed. It will be issued according to new rules, - explains Andrey Shvyrev, the Head of ACEX Customs Department. – Old documents will be valid along with the new ones. Most of our clients have old certificates and it’s difficult to evaluate the problem now. All changes will be subject to discussion in professional field.”

In fact, Conformity Certificate and Declaration of Conformity have similar functions. Declaration of Conformity is complete permission document which conforms the correspondence of goods to technical regulation. But declaration can be issued only for Russian legal body, no foreign manufacturer. The results of test of laboratory of the declarant are accepted along with the results of independent center.

Каждому грузу – свой сертификат

Consequently, Conformity Certificates are issued on numbered typographical forms with protective elements and declarations are printed on ordinary А4 sheets, stamped and signed by General Director of declarant. Certificate of Origin is an important document for official confirmation of country of origin of the goods as specified in documents. It is compulsory in some states (usually Middle East). Besides preferential rate of import customs fee within MFN is used if you have such certificate.

Каждому грузу – свой сертификатFire Protection Certificate regulates accordance to technical regulation demands on fire protection. For example, when cable is protected from inflammation during voltage fluctuations (the list of related goods can be found in Russian Federation Government Regulation No. 241 from 17th of March 2009).

Refusal letters can be issued for the goods beyond the technical regulation and certification. Refusal letter is an official document earlier issued by certification centers. Recently Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia relieved certification centers from this duty, but haven’t appointed another entity yet. It’s a good idea to be in touch with specialists in transportation in order not to cope with tricky documents alone.