Everybody freeze, this is a transportation!


LASERWARACEX Group has transported tons of weapons around the world, and this transportation is legal.

Since 2010, LASERWAR has been developing, manufacturing and selling laser tag kits. Having become the #1 manufacturer of laser tag equipment in Russia, the company decided to enter the international market, using the services of ACEX in the export of its cargo.

Since 2017, ACEX has been helping the company transport equipment for the famous game to 83 countries around the world. About 100 kilograms of equipment are exported to Asia and Europe every week. The most recent flights were to the UK, Spain, Germany, the USA, China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and many others.

LASERWAR offers kits of various sizes and modifications, both model of weapon and plastic cases with a built-in modern optical system. Machine guns, rifles, pistols and grenade launchers look very realistic, their size and weight correspond to the original devices.


"Due to the presence of lithium batteries in such equipment, it is considered a dangerous cargo. Such cargo is allowed to be transported in passenger planes, but many airlines still refuse to accept them, believing that they are military ammunition. For example, DHL Aviation refuses to accept them, while Emirates Airlines transport bulletproof vests for games as military equipment at a special rate," comments Yuri Orlov, an Expert on air transportation at ACEX.