ACEX is Choosing Directions of Zhukovsky Airport


ACEX and the Zhukovsky International Airport signed an agreement on ground handling of cargo arriving and departing from this airport.

One of the reasons for the start of cooperation between the companies was the opening of cargo flights of Sky Gates airline in Zhukovsky, one of the main ACEX partners in the implementation of international export transport.

In turn, the cargo airline Sky Gates became the base carrier of the Zhukovsky Airport, as well as a partner of the new logistics complex "ZIA CARGO". The complex includes a cargo terminal with an area of 9.2 thousand meters and an aviation apron with an area of 90 thousand square meters, which can simultaneously accommodate 4 wide-body cargo aircraft. This infrastructure will allow to serve up to 100 thousand tons of cargo annually.

Sky Gates was founded in 2016 and operates cargo flights to various destinations in Russia, Europe and Asia. This is the second Russian operator of Boeing -747-400/F aircraft. The airline plans to use the Zhukovsky Airport as the main one for international operations. The airline's cargo will arrive at the airport on long-haul wide-body vessels. For further delivery to cities in Russia and Europe cargo will be sorted on medium and short-haul planes of other partner airlines. Today, Zhukovsky has received the first flight of Sky Gates from Baku.

Zhukovsky Airport is Russian International Airport located in the South-East of the Moscow region, 23 kilometers from the capital. The airport is located on the territory of the Ramenskoye airfield with the longest runway in Europe (5.5 kilometers), which allows receiving passenger and cargo aircraft of any type.

ACEX выбирает перспективные направления Жуковского