Vietnam – Vorsino – Customs Warehouse


ACEX offers to choose the company’s current offer and order the railway transportation of full containers from Vietnam by accelerated trains through the Vorsino station to temporary customs warehouses and free economic zones in the Russian Federation.

Departure station in Vietnam is Hanoi.

If necessary, ACEX additionally organizes the cargo delivery from anywhere in China to the nearest railway station of departure.

The regularity of delivery:

Trains leave Vietnam daily for Chongqing station, China, where they join the Chinese train to Vorsino on Saturdays*.
*To be sure of availability, please, apply for booking at the time of determining the date of readiness of the cargo.

Transit time:

Transit time is 26-28 days.
Registration of the customs transit at Vorsino and departure to the internal SVH – 1-2 days.

Cost of transportation:

The final cost depends on the need and distance of the pickup at the place of departure, the departure station, a set of services from our complex, the distance of your customs transit to the Russian Federation, and so on. Cost of railway transportation (40'HC container):

Conditions Station Border crossing Destination station Transit time* Cost of railway transportation**
FOR Hanoi Hanoi Zabaikalsk Vorsino 26-28 days 4 840 USD

* estimated time “station-station”
** prices are valid for 30.04.20

Terminal processing in Vorsino – 20 500 rubles with VAT 0%
Auto pickup to Moscow 22,000 rubles with VAT 0%
Customs clearance from 15,000 rubles with VAT 0%

The service is intended for:

  • residents of free economic zones;
  • large companies with their own SVH;
  • importers who need to go through customs clearance at a regional terminal, pay customs duties in the region, pass excise procedures, or get markings that are only made at customs warehouses.

Route to the station Vorsino compares favorably with other Chinese routes by a large number of landing stations on the Chinese side. This significantly facilitates the logistics of the pickup of the shipment, and has a positive effect on the cost of transportation. The demand for this route puts an increased load at the Vorsino customs terminal, which sometimes causes cargo delays and forced paid storage in the terminal's warehouse. This can completely offset the benefit of saving on the pickup at the loading point. Solving this problem has been a difficult task not only for cargo owners, but also for experienced market operators.

Registration of customs transit on the spot was associated with numerous difficulties, and the cost of the service of export from the post was inflated. ACEX has worked out this process so that the customer can get the customs transit service to the temporary customs warehouse without any delays and their direct participation in the registration. Due to direct contracts with the station and having our own license of a customs carrier and representative, we can discount the cost of this service for our customers as part of a comprehensive transportation from China. In addition, in combination with international transportation, the client saves on VAT.


ACEX Customs Transit from Vorsino to Dubna (registration and car) - 40,000 rubles (with 0% VAT, if combined with transportation from China). The most popular offer on the market is 60,000 rubles with 20% VAT for the car + 20,000 rubles with 20% VAT for registration. Delivery from Vietnam can also be provided without the service of customs transit in the Russian Federation.

Из Вьетнама до Ворсино по выгодной цене

ACEX offers the following range of services: international transportation; customs clearance and transit, certification; responsible storage; marking; cargo packaging; services for finding a counterparty, cargo selection; pickup from warehouses at the arrival/departure station; cargo insurance; survey services; registration of accompanying documents; expert support of the transaction, and so on.

ACEX becomes a reliable guide in the world of international logistics for its customers. In this regard, we are helped by the long-term adherence of the partner's philosophy to the circumstances of the customer. We try to see your business goals a little wider than the current logistics application, and soon we will become full-fledged partners of your business, your expert logistics department, which you can contact at any time with any hypothesis or problem. This concept is followed by each of our managers, and if you do not agree with this, please let us know: 8-800-777-22-39 . Our goal is your prosperity, because our success directly depends on it. And we are always for long-term cooperation.