Proton-Electrotex Chooses ACEX


During a coronavirus pandemic, it is important to have stable and reliable partners. This is especially when it’s about the transportation and delivery of power semiconductor devices to foreign customers.

Products of Proton-Electrotex are constantly exported to China, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands and a number of other European and Asian countries.


ACEX representatives have been actively involved for 16 years and help resolve emerging logistics challenges. On average, ACEX carries out up to 9 tons of air transportation of the company's products per month to various destinations around the world, including China, India and Singapore.

Александра Чагина"My work with the client Proton-Electrotex started back in 2004," comments Alexandra Chagina, Deputy Director Business Development. Today we can see how the company has grown, we see success and brand awareness in the global market, activity in social networks and participation in exhibitions, increased cargo traffic, which confirms the demand in the market. We are very pleased to be involved in this success. I am sure that our main common victories are still ahead of us."

Алексей КонищевAlexey Konishchev, Logistics Head of Proton-Electrotex: ⠀ ⠀

"ACEX is probably the only company that I can recommend to my colleagues with 100% confidence. Quick response to requests, prices that no expeditor has been able to beat."

Power semiconductor devices manufactured by Proton-Electrotex JSC are exported to Europe, Asia and the CIS. They are actively used in uninterruptible power supplies, urban transport, electric trains, industrial automation, specialized transport and a number of other areas.

Stable functioning of these industries plays an important role in ensuring a favorable life of people.

Effective cooperation between ACEX and Proton-Electrotex allows us to ensure uninterrupted supply of necessary products and meet the wishes and requests of customers all over the world.