Building Capitals Together


It's no secret that the Russian capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg – are being actively rebuilt.

Joint achievements:

  • We have been cooperating since 2018
  • 50 jointly implemented projects
  • 100,000 m2 of tunnels is clad in
  • 71,000 m2 – roof area of the “Zenit Gazprom Arena” Stadium, raw materials for its roof were delivered by ACEX
  • 10 metro stations got their own look
  • 58 stations of Moscow Central Diameters are designed by joint efforts
  • 150,000 tons of raw materials were delivered over the years of cooperation
  • Raw materials for BAUTRADE are delivered to Moscow region from 5 countries
  • 262,000 m2 - interior area of Zenit Gazprom Arena, most of the roof is made by BAUTRADE


BAUTRADEEvery year, new residential complexes, shopping and entertainment centers and, of course, transport communications are put into operation. Moscow Central Diameters, Moscow Central Circle, dozens of new metro stations, pedestrian and road tunnels have appeared in Russian capitals over the past few years. BAUTRADE, which manufactures and supplies cladding and roofing materials for many of the largest infrastructure projects in Russia, plays an important role in these changes. But no production or construction can do without the logistics of supplying materials to production, because it is important for each manufacturer to get the necessary raw materials on time, and most importantly, optimally from the point of view of costs. It is here that ACEX specialists enter into business, who provide transportation of raw materials from European countries to their own production of BAUTRADE in the Moscow region.


Алим ИналовAlim Inalov, CEO of BAUTRADE: "ACEX helps us to ensure uninterrupted supply of raw materials from different European countries: Belgium, Spain, Germany. When the raw materials are ready for the manufacturer in Europe, ACEX experts choose the best delivery method for us, contact the raw material manufacturer on our behalf and deliver the raw materials to the production site as quickly as possible. Next, we manufacture panels and structures and deliver them to infrastructure, thereby solving state tasks for timely commissioning of the most important infrastructure projects in Russia."

Сергей ЛопуховSergey Lopukhov, Deputy Head of Customs Clearance and Delivery Department, ACEX Moscow: " For BAUTRADE we provide a full range of logistics services, including transportation of goods from European countries, and assistance in obtaining permits. Thus, we jointly create a beautiful image of Russian capitals."


  • The first two stations of Moscow Central Diameters were put into operation on November 21, 2019, with a total length of 132 km. There are 58 stations on the routes. According to the plans of Moscow Transport Department by 2024, the capital and the Moscow region will be connected by 3 routes of Moscow Central Diameters.
  • Reconstruction of railway stations and platforms, pedestrian and road tunnels. In particular, there are the Volokolamsk tunnel with a length of 1730 m and the Leningrad tunnel with a length of 660 m, located in the Sokol district of Moscow.
  • Cladding of Moscow metro stations. In particular, Rasskazovka, Michurinsky Prospekt and Borovskoye Highway on the Solntsevskaya line, put into operation on August 30, 2018. The stations Nekrasovka, Lukhmanovskaya and Dmitrievsky street of the newest capital line Nekrasovskaya carried their first passengers on June 3, 2019. Okskaya and Stakhanovskaya are planned to be commissioned in March 2020.
  • Companies’ specialists also take control of the new stations of the world's deepest metro, located in St. Petersburg. In particular, the stations of Begovaya and Novorostovskaya launched to the Football World Cup in 2018.

In addition to the stations of the St. Petersburg subway, Zenit Gazprom Arena stadium, located just above them, was also clad in with joint efforts.