ACEX News: Feel the Pulse of the Coronavirus


The situation in the logistics world is not easy, but ACEX continues to work normally, processing customer requests. We are glad to hear from you 24/7. A crisis is a time of opportunity.



At the moment tariffs for sending freights grew by 100-300% depending on the direction. The tariffs of airlines published earlier for many directions are not valid. The current tariffs are defined by carriers at the time of booking and cannot be guaranteed for the long period.

Schedule of flights are constantly updated depending on the current epidemic and political situation. S7 Airlines cancelled international flights from Domodedovo, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk from March 13 to May 5. Since March 19 and 25 flyDubai and Emirates also stopped flights to the UAE. The KLM airline considerably reduced flights in/from the USA and stops flights from Sheremetyevo and Pulkovo since March 27, Turkish Airlines reduces the frequency of passenger flights of Vnukovo – Istanbul and completely stops flights from Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Voronezh, Samara, Rostov-on-Don and Sochi, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Vnukovo. All flights which are taking off for London after 20.03 are cancelled by British Airways. Ethiopian Airlines cancelled flights from Moscow since March 20. Japan Airlines stops flights from Domodedovo since March 27.

As of April 29, we offer opportunities for sending your cargoes on network of the following airlines:

  • Turkish Airlines from Sheremetyevo to Istanbul; 
  • Sky Gates and SilkWay from Sheremetyevo to Baku;
  • Atran from Vnukovo;
  • KOREAN AIR from Sheremetyevo to Seoul;
  • AirBridgeCargo;
  • DHL Aviation.

Aeroflot starts their first charter flights ex AMS.
The maximum dimensions as follows: 300 x 220 x 160 cm / 5000 kg per pallet.

Flight Schedule :

AMS SVO SU2551 04/MAY20 1200 1530
AMS SVO SU2193 05/MAY20 2235 0150
AMS SVO SU2551 06/MAY20 2235 0150
AMS SVO SU2695 08/MAY20 1710 2035
AMS SVO SU2193 08/MAY20 2235 0150
AMS SVO SU2193 10/MAY20 2235 0150
AMS SVO SU2551 11/MAY20 1200 1530
AMS SVO SU2193 12/MAY20 2235 0150

Generally regular cargo flights and very few passenger flights to those countries who did not close border yet are available. Each transportation is considered individually. Call 8-800-777-2239 or send the requests on, our experts will surely choose an option for you.

Transportation of combined cargo from Europe is a good alternative to air transport


Железнодорожные перевозки

The economy of China is already restored, railway freight traffic with China in the direct and opposite direction is conducted in the usual mode. Favorable terms of delivery on full railway containers from China to Russia (to Vorsino). ACEX offers more convenient and stable conditions for cargo delivery from China to Russia, via Europe. Route: China-Poland-Lithuania-Russia. From China to Poland, the cargo goes in railway containers, from Poland on auto tracks to Vilnius, where goods are consolidated in ACEX warehouse and goes by trucks to Russia. In more detail from China you can learn about transportations here.

Rail transportation in other directions is complicated, rates increased. ACEX will review any request and will offer a suitable option.

Available Rail Transportation :

  • Railway transportations from Vietnam
    Route: Hanoi - Vorsino,
    Conditions: FOR-FOR (from station to station) in the 40th foot container
    Time: weekly transit 20-23 days, through Chongqing,
    Who can be interested in it? The companies whose freight and its sizes are not suitable for air transportation, and delivery by the sea takes too much time.
  • Railway transportations to Kazakhstan
    Route: Moscow - Alma-Ata
    Conditions: DOOR-TO-DOOR (from a door to a door) in the 40th foot container
    Time: weekly transit of 5-6 days on Sundays
    Who can be interested in it? The companies which work with Kazakhstan

The railroads in the European Union are overloaded as this option is the most preferable to Europeans now. The greatest demand is observed across Italy. Demand increased by 15-20% not only for products, but also for all other freights.


Морские грузоперевозки

To avoid turn on border, there is an opportunity to carry out multimodal delivery through Rotterdam to St. Petersburg. Average door transit – 6-8 days.

Advantages of shipping by sea – no borders and quarantine.


Автомобильные грузоперевозки

Epidemic of a coronavirus affected also road transportations. Shipments to Moldova and Serbia are closed for a quarantine including for commercial transport. Rates from Iran to Russia, generally on refrigerator containers, increased twice. Rates from the Russian Federation to the CIS countries (especially to Kazakhstan) were raised approximately for 50%. The priority, or “green channel" to enter countries is given for cargo transport with food and medical goods. TSW work in the usual mode. 

As of March 31, transportation to / from Europe is carried out in normal mode. In other areas, our experts are ready to advise you on request.

Thus, today the best situation for transportation of goods is in the sphere of consolidated cargo transportation from the European countries. ACEX group of companies provides full range of services in this sphere.

More details on 8-800-777-2239,

Грузоперевозки ACEX