Much to exhibit


What is a potential breakthrough in sales for the marketer, the same is headache for freight forwarders. The main feature of the such goods transportation is a short period of time. If the goods arrive in one piece, even by helicopter and with freight forwarders in superhero costumes, after the end of the exhibition – the sense of such delivery will not be.

The preparatory work before the event is usually for 2-3 days, and in that time, it is necessary not only to transport the equipment, but also to connect it, and sometimes to hold a rehearsal of the work.

Much to exhibit

Everything from horses and other animals to machinery, products and jewelry is taken to the exhibitions. Thus, the ACEX representative office in Voronezh had to transport exhibits for Orthodox fairs more than once. Cooperation with such clients requires special ethics. Account-manager Olga Blagonadezhdina mastered all the rules for 2 years of work:
We serve an exhibition in Voronezh center. The most specific work here is with the exhibitors of Orthodox exhibitions. There are fragile Church utensils, the anxiety of the senders for this fragility, and the communication process assume a special delicacy.

Much to exhibit

Besides, Voronezh freight forwarders had to deal with transportation of unique musical instruments more than once. They have long collaboration with the Forgotten Music Museum. Such goods require special packaging.  Also, the same containers are used for other particularly valuable and fragile goods-jewelry, glass, mirrors, office equipment and so on.

As for domestic exhibitions, cars are used more often than other modes of transport. One of the reasons – in addition to economic justification – is the ability to track the route by satellite.  But for the transportation of this type of goods not any machine is suitable. Sometimes you need equipment for a special temperature regime, for example, for products.

You can send exhibition goods by consolidated cargo or individual vehicles. In the first case, the client pays only for the place in the bulk, which takes its cargo. So, in one vehicle there can be a load of several customers. Thus, you can save up to 50 percent of the transportation cost. But there are pitfalls. Loads are in contact with each other, the bulk is opened more than once, and the goods are shifted, the route can be more confusing and longer. Private transport excludes all these details. This transportation is from door to door, in a sealed bulk on an individual optimal route.

Much to exhibitIn General, exhibition products transportation is a difficult task, but interesting, and sometimes it requires a creative approach, Andrey Andreev, Director of logistics of ACEX in Voronezh, says:
This is a very unusual transportation. Starting from the fact that exhibitions often end on weekends, when many companies are not able to pick up the cargo. And ending with the fact that the volumes are always different – from a kilogram to the whole machine. Once we are instructed to get layout to the city center. Because of its small size and destination, we had to come up with a transportation mode – in the end we sent it by a courier car.

The task becomes even more difficult working with participants of international exhibitions. To all the nuances customs clearance documents are added. Fortunately, in such cases, the legislation provides for various options, Julia Zaichikova, Head of Airfreight Department of ACEX Group, explains:
For work with exhibitions there is a Carnet ATA. This document allows to import demonstration materials under a simplified procedure. Competent specialists, of course, know how to work with it. In addition, as a rule, the exhibitions organizers accredit a reliable carrier for the work. So, a few years ago we transported goods from Russia for the exhibition Milan-Expo.

Thanks to the ACEX specialists in the Russian pavilion, Italy saw Russian pies, horse meat, kvas, honey, tea and caviar. Besides, for all products, different temperatures were required during transportation. For confectionery products the temperature is from + 2 to + 8, for meat – from -18 to 0, using dry ice. And service of veterinary control of our and other countries differs – if the documents satisfy our country, others refuse them. Not all manufacturers brought their goods in a suitable form for air transportation. ACEX Had to take on repackaging and labeling.

To protect your cargo, some experts recommend using insurance, especially transporting fragile or expensive goods. In some situations, even protection can be, in addition to the accompanying forwarder.

As experts say, despite all the difficulties, the transportation of exhibition goods is doomed to success, if only 2 conditions are met. An experienced freight forwarder should be engaged in. And the application for such orders should be submitted for a sufficient period of time – most likely, the decision to participate is not taken suddenly. For Russian exhibitions it is not less than a month (two, if you expect a complex installation). For foreign ones transportation is to plan for six months.