News about Terminal Cargo Handling at Sheremetyevo Airport



In September 2018, Aeroflot changed the scheme of calculation and payment for terminal processing at Sheremetyevo airport. Pursuant to an order by Ministry of Transport of Russia dated 17.06.2012 No. 241 it was decided that all costs associated with receiving/delivery of goods should be included in cost of air fare. From that moment, shippers/consignees were not charged for terminal handling of cargo at acceptance/delivery, but the tariff schedule of the airline was adjusted.

Other airlines have not been in a hurry to follow Aeroflot's example until now.

Recently, the largest cargo carrier of the Russian Federation AirbridgeCargo reported that from July 15, 2019, when processing imported cargo at the Moscow-cargo terminal (SVO-1), a terminal fee of $ 0.21/kg will be introduced, which will be paid by the shipper (it will be included in the air tariff by analogy with Aeroflot's innovation).

However, for goods arriving at the terminal "Sheremetyevo-cargo" (SVO-2), the terms of tariffs remain unchanged, the terminal fee is paid by the recipient on the ground, but it will be introduced inter-terminal fee for the transportation of goods from the terminal SVO-1 to the terminal SVO-2 in the amount of 0.1 USD/kg, which will be charged to the shipper (included in the air fare).

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