New Center of Electronic Declaration


First declaration of goods was issued by Moscow Regional Customs office (The Center of Electronic Declaration) on the 29th of January. Later on new Center plans to process 2 thousands of electronic declarations daily.

“The first declaration has been issued in the morning. The export of food products to Uzbekistan. The weight of the goods is more than 12 tons”, - informed the Associate Director of Customs office – Rafael Zverev


According to Moscow Regional Customs office press office, 96 declarations were issued until 11 o’clock in the morning. The point is working in regular mode.

Viacheslav Goloskokov, the Head of Moscow Regional Customs office says: “Today the new Custom’s authority is created. This is the greatest transformation customs authorities experience for the last 10 years.  New model of work is formed: we completely separate the work with goods from the work with declarations. Up to the end of February – the main declaration set of Moscow Regional Customs office will be issued in one place – in the Center of Electronic Declaration”.

лопухов.JPEG“The usage of the mentioned system of electronic declaration of goods performs as a main condition of development of modern custom’s technologies. Issuing of customs declaration through the Center of Electronic Declaration is very convenient and innovative method. It reduces the terms of customs clearance (from several days to couple of hours) and optimize the working hours of the staff (because of less quantity of paper work). We use such a service and with the help of it our customers get cargo in shortest terms”, - informs Sergey Lopukhov, Deputy Production Director of Customs clearance and delivery of ACEX, Moscow.

Worth to say, that the accumulating of declaration set will be done in three stages. On the first stage – the volume of export and import declarations from 9 Customs offices will be shifted to the Center of Electronic Declaration (Krasnozavodsky, Stupinsky, Davidovsky, Volokolamsky, Kolomensky, Mikhnevsky, Akulovsky, Lobnensky, Kubinka). On the second stage (from the 12th to 21st of February) the volume of declarations from 7 Customs offices more will be accumulated in the Center of Electronic Declaration (Lvovsky, Novomoskovsky, Chernogolovsky, Mamontovsky, Istrinsky, Shodnensky, Kashirsky). On the final stage (from the 22nd of February) the volume of the last four Customs offices will be accumulated in the Center of Electronic Declaration (Krasnoarmeisky, Leningransky, Mozhaisky, Vashutinsky).

The full version of this article you can find at the website of Moscow Regional Customs.