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15 meters in the sky: HIGH class transportation


The first contender for the title of “Cargo – 2022” appeared in the experience of ACEX specialists - air transportation of large-sized structures for a nuclear power plant in China.

The next station is Moscow


"Closed Skies Mode" continues to operate; Europe is still out of reach. But, as it is said, where there's a will, there's a way.

Love without borders


When it comes to the life and health of pets, the distance from Moscow to Singapore is overcome easily, bypassing all restrictions.

Get 100% Air Cargo Reservation


Get 100% booking of air cargo from Harbin airport to Sheremetyevo airport

Groupage cargo transportation. 2 years later. What has been changed during the pandemic


ACEX is gathering experts in terms of consolidated goods again at the TransRussia-2021 exhibition in order to discuss the current state of Consolidated Transportation.

Smart calculator without cheating


We are pleased to announce the ''birth'' of a new payable weight calculator for air transportation on our website. Now you don't have to wait with your fingers crossed how "precious" your cargo shipment will be.

Delicacies for Turkish connoisseurs


ACEX Group specialists delivered a cargo of 60 kg of sturgeon caviar from Vologda to Singapore.

You Filled a Declaration, We Solve Your Problems


Remote release of goods today is carried out using the electronic Declaration system.

Transportation Marked URGENT


ACEX delivered pharmaceutical products to Moscow in the difficult conditions of the pandemic.

To the Largest Logistics Summit with ACEХ


ACEX Alliance and Container xChange platform invite freight forwarders to the online Digital Container Summit, which will be held on September 3, 2020.

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