Delivery of 36 containers for the Avantex company, leader of the Russian geotextile materials



First shipment included 9 containers of production equipment. Second shipment consisted of 27 containers containing semiautomatic line for geotextile materials production.

The delivery was in fact multimodal, because the cargo was delivered by truck from the shipper’s warehouse to the sea port of Shanghai, then by sea to the port of Novorossiysk, then it was transshipped to 36 container trucks. Finally we arranged truck delivery to the Vladimir region.

The most difficult aspect of this project consisted in securing timely driving up of 9 and then 27 container trucks to the sea port as well as avoiding possible troubles and delays in issue of the transit documentation and passing Customs formalities.

ACEX experts managed to arrange pickup and delivery of the cargo within the scheduled period of time, keep competitive price and avoid difficulties while arranging transit formalities thanks to thorough preliminary preparation and collection of the required documents.
At the same time we offered the client additional favorable insurance coverage terms with the rate equal to 0.23%.

Our client, the Avantex company, who is the biggest and leading Russian company on the geotextile materials market, received the cargo at the proper time and has already proceeded to the production lines assembly.