Multimodal transportation of oversized equipment is made of ACEX Group


The delivery can be considered as complicated due to the weight of the machine-tool exceeding 36 tons and the height amounting to 2.9 m. The dimensions and weight of the equipment did not allow moving this equipment in a standard freight container.

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ACEX executives offered several delivery options to the customer:

- Shipping from China to Russia by rail transport

- Delivery in special Flat Rack containers

- Delivery by sea fastening the cargo on board the ship

The main condition was to ship this expensive equipment to Russia as one piece, i.e. without splitting it into parts. As a result, it was agreed that the most suitable option is to fix the Mafi trailer containing the cargo on the deck of the ship.

The cargo was insured additionally under CL382 conditions, covering general average as well as loading and unloading operations. Shipping and handling was carried out with great care and attention, cargo was delivered as scheduled, without any delays, the Customs clearance and delivery to the consignee's warehouse were also arranged in time and according to the given instructions.

"While dealing with other well-known global companies we faced regular problems, ACEX executives in turn arranged everything as smoothly as Swiss watch functions. The provided service was excellent, we plan to continue cooperating with this company on all the directions" - announces Sergey Lepota, Deputy Commercial Director of the "Pipeline Systems and technologies" company.

ACEX has a spread network of partners throughout the world, what enables to organize project shipments from any country of the world: oversized cargoes, construction equipment, machinery-tools, long-measuring goods, industrial equipment, production lines.

Among the successfully completed projects may be listed the following: the delivery of MI17 helicopters, aircraft engines, spacecraft equipment.