Three Letters that Gain Customers’ Trust


EAC stands for the Eurasian Conformity mark; the products are marked with it before they are placed on the markets of Eurasian union.

Андрец Швырев“When a customer sees EAC mark it means that the product successfully passed all the technical requirements of the Customs Union and it is safe for purchase and you don’t need to apply for other conformation certificates hence the government controls the quality of goods that are imported from abroad,” Andrey Shvyrev, the head of Customs Department at ACEX Moscow says.

The rules of EAC mark application will be useful for those forwarding companies that involved in the process of products’ release to the domestic market:

  • EAC is applied to each item, package or accompanying documentation.
  • The mark shall be monochrome and contrast to the color of the surface where it is applied.
  • The place of application on the product, package and documentation shall be outlined in the technical regulations of the Eurasian economic union.
  • It is not allowed to apply marks, signs and words that may deceive the customer in relation to the meaning of the unified mark.
  • If other conformity marks are applied to the product they shall not worsen the visibility, precision and readability of the mark.

The EAC mark consists of a combination of three stylized letters "E", "A" and "C", the mark has the same height and width forming a rectangle.


The dimensions of the EAC mark are defined by the manufacturer or its authorized representative. The size of the mark must ensure good legibility with the naked eye on the background and must not be less than 5 mm.


Therefore if a product has this mark it means that it deserves trust.