Equium Dubai Business Week


Equium Dubai Bussiness Week

Dear friends!

In today's realities of the market, the Middle East - the UAE attracts the attention of entrepreneurs from all over the world. It is easy to open and register a company in the UAE, and low tax rates and a resident visa create a favorable environment for entrepreneurs.

On June 07 - 11, 2022, Equium Dubai Business Week will be held from the largest business community EQUIUM in Dubai, in the organization of which ACEX takes part. During the week, the participants of the event will get acquainted with the nuances of doing business in Dubai and other Emirates, meet with experts and entrepreneurs from the UAE, visit companies and Free Zones.

We invite you to join BUSINESS WEEK in Dubai
and have a great time with ACEX

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Equium Dubai Bussiness Week

Equium Dubai Business Week

07-08.06 - Meetings with experts and entrepreneurs of the UAE, visits to companies

*The program is formed according to the business requests of the participants. At the moment, the business requests are as follows:

  • communication with entrepreneurs from the B2C spheres, such as sports, beauty, horeca;
  • networking with entrepreneurs in the field of logistics and those who need delivery or dispatch of any goods by air;
  • opening of a company for settlement of international transport services;
  • acquaintance with the largest developers to promote lighting equipment and electrical products in the MEA region;
  • acquaintance with distributors of electrical products in the region;
  • licensing and certification of electrical products;
  • government orders and infrastructure projects: lighting highways, educational institutions, etc.

09.06 - Visit Free Zone Dubai or discovering other emirates (Abu Dhabi/ Fujairah/ Ajman/ Ros Al Khaimah)

10.06 - Board of directors

11.06 - Open event "EQUIUM" Dubai: panel discussion on "Business in modern realities".

Speakers are residents of the business community.

*The program is formed according to the business requests.

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EQUIUM is a business community that brings together successful entrepreneurs, first-generation business founders

Equium Dubai Bussiness Week

650 Equium members
5 countries — Russia, Kazakhstan, UAE, Germany, Uzbekistan
24 cities
480 bln.USD total turnover of members' companies
62 000 jobs are provided by members' companies
80 % community membership renewals
40+ socially transformative initiatives

The Equium entrepreneur serves as a role model for those who believe in the importance of family values and philanthropy, and their role in advancing the well-being of society

The Board

Оскар Хартманн

Oscar Hartmann

Business angel and entrepreneur with worldwide assets:
USA, Germany, India, Russia, Middle East and other countries.

Since 2012, Oscar has been developing entrepreneurship and leadership in the world. 

He is the founder of the non-profit organizations EDF, EQUIUM GLOBAL, MENTORI, PROWOMAN and the WELF trust fund.

Oscar is a member of the boards of directors of Alfa-Bank, MOEX, the Moscow Exchange and the Airplane Group.

Игорь Рыбаков

Igor Rybakov

EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Russia.
Co-founder and co-owner of the TechnoNICOL industrial corporation with 55 factories around the world.
Trustee of the Rybakov Foundation.
Partner Pritek.

Co-founder of X10 Academy.

Егор Евланников

Egor Evlannikov

Equium co-founder and CEO.

Co-founder of the development company AMAZD.
Member of the Noopolis Urban Construction Association.

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