What can be used both in the Desert and in the Arctic?


One of the projects organized by ACEX in Yekaterinburg is transportation of the oil and gas equipment that is used for pipeline scanning.

The customer of ACEX Group in Yekaterinburg is an engineering company that renders services to the oil and gas sector of the Russian Federation and companies like Gazprom, JSC. ACEX Yekaterinburg is in charge of the equipment transportation to the locations where the pipeline is subject to diagnostics.

Vadim Mardanov“The scanning equipment weighs 1,5 tones and it has already been to UAE, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk, the next destination is Mirnyi township in Yakutiya,  ” Vadim Mardanov, CEO of ACEX Yekaterinburg.

The scanner falls under the classification of hazardous goods due to the electromagnetic origin and thus it is required to prepare additional documentation, and due to its weight the equipment is shipped in separate boxes, 600 kilos each.

An electromagnetic scannerNote

An electromagnetic scanner is a device that is mainly used for diagnostics of the gas, oil and product pipelines as part of the diagnostic and service equipment.

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